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Stanground Academy

British Science Week

Join us in commemorating three decades of scientific discovery, innovation, and inspiration! From 8-17 March, it's time to immerse ourselves in the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and maths during British Science Week 2024!

⏰ This year's theme is 'Time!'. Reflect on the past 30 years of groundbreaking discoveries and advancements, and envision the future possibilities that lie ahead.


Here's what to expect on this week's lineup:


  • 📆 Monday: Our STEM team are hosting an assembly to introduce British Science Week to our pupils.
  • 📆Tuesday & Wednesday: our pupils will be gearing up for an exciting hands-on activity, as they prepare to design and build their very own STEM rubber band cars! They'll learn about physics, engineering, and problem-solving!
  • 📆 Thursday: Forms will send one form representative to C63 to record our rubber band car race times! Let the STEM challenge begin!
  • 📆 Friday: Our final activity will be an ultimate British Science Week quiz, packed with fun and prizes! Test your knowledge and celebrate science with us!