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Stanground Academy


Stanground Academy has strict guidelines on uniform and all secondary pupils are expected to wear the full Academy uniform.

The wearing of our distinctive uniform gives pupils a sense of ‘belonging', helps foster pride in the academy and stops pupils coming to school in inappropriate clothing or footwear.

Uniform for Years 7-11

Our requirements:

• an academy house tie with a traditional white shirt which has a fastened top button and is long enough to remain tucked into trousers or a skirt

• black trousers or skirt. Jeans, cords, hipster, short/ cut-off and tight-fitting trousers are not appropriate. As a rule of thumb, trousers and skirts should be modest; skirts should be no shorter than knee-length

• an academy blazer with the academy logo is compulsory for all pupils

• optional black v neck jumper with academy logo may be worn under the blazer, this is at the choice of the individual

• black leather or leather-style shoes that can be polished, with a flat sole and a heel no greater than 2cm in height. No boots or trainers, or trainer-style shoes, are allowed

• a warm coat for the journey to and from the academy. Denim coats, hoodies (with or without a zip), body-warmer-style coats, tracksuit tops, cardigans and caps are not allowed

• a suitable rucksack-type bag which is large enough to carry all equipment. Handbags are not allowed

PE Kit

• Black tracksuit bottoms or black academy shorts with academy logo

• Black and purple PE shirt with academy logo (fitted/unisex)

• Black and purple long-sleeved reversible top with academy logo

• Suitable black trainers or other PE footwear (not provided)

• Dark coloured swimming suit or shorts (which must be no longer than knee length)


Jewellery/ Mobile Phones

To aid in the creation of a professional learning environment, we insist pupils only wear one single pair of small stud earrings in each earlobe. Nose-studs and other facial jewellery are not acceptable. We will allow clear plastic retainers to be worn in all other piercings. Finally, extreme false acrylic/gel nails and designs are not allowed.

Excessive make-up or overt false eyelashes are not permitted. Makeup and other personal enhancements will need to be of a natural and neutral colour/tone.Hairstyles should not have exaggerated cuts of any shape or design. Extreme hair and nail art designs are not acceptable.

For their own safety and that of fellow pupils in science, design and technology, physical education and the performing arts, acrylic nails should not be worn on the Academy site.It is at the discretion of the Academy to determine the suitability of any personal enhancements. The Academy’s decision is final.

We operate a strict ‘No mobile phone’ policy for all pupils across the Academy.Once the school day officially starts, we encourage pupils to turn their phones off and place them in their bags or pockets, out of sight.

We understand that there are some medical conditions that require pupils to use particular apps on their phones to regulate and monitor their conditions e.g.diabetes. We will fully support this use with medical evidence held on file and in these cases, will issue pupils with a medical exemption pass.



How to order uniform

To order items contact our uniform outfitters, Chroma Sports:

Parents are strongly advised to supervise the purchase of all clothing to be worn on the Academy site. The Principal's decision about uniform issues is binding and final.


Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form operates a dress code which requires Post-16 pupils to follow the conventions of ‘business dress’. This has been agreed with pupils and is explained fully during our Post-16 recruitment process.

Sixth Form dress code