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Stanground Academy

Reflecting on an Exceptional Term!

As we wrap up another incredible term here at Stanground Academy, we're filled with immense pride and gratitude for all that we've achieved together as a community. From memorable events to significant milestones, it's been a journey marked by collaboration, growth, and celebration.

Here are just a few highlights that have made this term truly special:

🍰 Cuppa 'n Cake Session: These gatherings are more than just a chance to enjoy delicious treats; they're vital for us to connect, check in with each other, and prioritise our mental well-being.

🎉 Celebrating Mr. Van Lier's 2-Year Anniversary: A special milestone indeed! With Mr. Van Lier, our academy has flourished, and his dedication to our students' success is truly commendable.

🔬 British Science Week: Igniting curiosity and passion for science through exciting experiments, demonstrations, and interactive activities across all year groups.

📚 Year 8 Parents Evening: Strengthening the crucial partnership between home and school by providing parents with valuable insights into their child's progress and achievements.

🩺 NHS Career Expedition: Inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals through hands-on experiences and insightful discussions with NHS professionals.

🗳 Polling Day: Fostering civic engagement and responsibility by providing students with the opportunity to participate in the democratic process for Peterborough's UK Youth MP.

🎈 Rolo's 1st Birthday: A paw-some celebration for our well-being assistant, Rolo - bringing joy and smiles to our academy community!

🔧 Caterpillar Apprenticeship Trip: Opening doors to exciting career opportunities and industry insights through engaging visits and experiences.

🧮 Maths Feast: Feeding our passion for mathematics with challenging and enjoyable activities that promote teamwork and problem-solving skills with other schools.

🏐 YDP Primary School Netball Tournament: Encouraging sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition among young athletes from across the region.


Each of these moments has contributed to the rich tapestry of experiences that define Stanground Academy. As we look ahead to the future, let's continue to build upon these successes, supporting one another and striving for excellence in all that we do.

Here's to a well-deserved break and an even brighter term ahead!

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