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Stanground Academy

Curriculum Intent: Subjects

Art and Design Technology 
Art Curriculum Intent 

The Stanground Academy Art department, aims to deliver a balanced, high-quality art & design programme that will challenge, inspire, and enable every pupil to thrive and achieve above their expectations. Our aim is for every pupil to develop, understand and learn how art has contributed to history, culture and the wider, world whilst enabling them to experiment, invent, investigate, and create their own works. Students will gain transferable critical thinking and analytical skills that will help them to succeed throughout their lives. 

Design Technology Curriculum Intent 

At Stanground Academy we believe that Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous, and practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, students design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants, and values. They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on STEM subjects to showcase cross-curricular knowledge. Students are taught the importance of cookery and will apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill and the Academy Garden allows our students to gain hands-on experience of how food can be grown locally, affordably and in a limited space to feed themselves and others, now, and later in life, with the aim of instilling a genuine passion for cooking. The culture of the Design and Technology department provides students with the means to express themselves and promote positive wellbeing by challenging them to become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.


Computing and Media

IT Intent

Media Intent 

KS3 Computing Curriculum Map

KS4 Computing Curriculum Map

KS5 Computing Curriculum Map

KS4 Media Curriculum Map

KS4 IT Curriculum Map

KS5 IT Curriculum Map

Expressive Arts 
Expressive Arts Curriculum Intent 
  • Students will master skills in performance, dance, and acting technique as well as critical reflection and learn how to to turn thoughts and feelings into effective communication
  • Teachers will equip students with transferable experiences that embrace individuality and build upon self-expression through an inclusive and spiral sequenced curriculum that promotes a culture that celebrates expression and encourages all learners to pursue their interests with resilience and determination.
  • Together, we will develop creative minds, foster personalities and imaginations as students make their journey through the Academy, to become confident citizens of the future. 
Music Curriculum Intent  


‘Teaching music musically’ is at the forefront of the curriculum vision in the Music department at Stanground Academy. Through devising a diverse, progressive and ambitious curriculum model, students are challenged, inspired and supported in both their musical and personal development. Opportunities are embedded for students to be able to continually hone and develop the practical disciplines of performing and composing, whilst maintaining the academic rigour of the subject through listening, appraising, theory and context. Over time, this will ensure that all students are suitably equipped to access music at each key stage and beyond, regardless of individual starting points. This, in addition to an expanding offer of musical opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom, enables all students to graduate from the Academy with an appreciation for music; a creative, versatile and influential subject that is an integral part of everyday life.  

KS3 Dance Curriculum Map

KS3 Drama Curriculum Map

KS3 Music Curriculum Map

KS4 Dance Curriculum Map

KS4 Drama Curriculum Map

KS4 Music Curriculum Map

KS5 Dance Curriculum Map

KS5 Drama Curriculum Map

Humanities and Social Sciences
Languages (French/ German/ Italian) 
Physical Education 
PE Curriculum Intent  

The Physical Education Faculty at Stanground Academy aims to promote Aspirations in sport, forged in a Social responsibility for others. We aim to inspire our learners to Progress through purposeful participation. Students will be instilled with Integrity, which will facilitate Respect towards others, fostering Excellence throughout core and examination PE. ASPIRE

KS3 PE Curriculum Map