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Stanground Academy

Futures Podcast


Introduction: Welcome to the Futures Podcast! 



Introduction to Niki Reilly from NEACO 

Dive into our latest futures podcast episode featuring Louise Charles, Director of Aspiration, and Niki from NEACO as they discuss our collaborative efforts to support students' career pathways.

Learn about initiatives like the 'Take Your Place' project and UCAS Week, and discover the wealth of resources available to students and parents for navigating future opportunities.



Introducing the Stress-Less Campaign

Explore our newest futures podcast episode featuring insights from Louise Charles, Director of Aspiration, and Niki from NEACO as they delve into the Stress Less program, designed to support students' mental health and stress management.

Discover how Stanground Academy is proactively addressing these crucial issues and empowering students to build resilience. Listen now and explore the valuable insights shared in this insightful discussion!



LinkedIn and its Uses




Meet Pete, our Enterprise Advisor




Work Experience - An Employer's Perspective