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Stanground Academy

Head Students

Hi, my name is Charlotte Coles and I am the new head student here at Stanground Academy. I have been at this school for seven years and in the final year of A-Levels. I currently study Business, Finance and Sport. My vision for this school is for it to be somewhere all students feel safe. I would like to help put this school on the map and make it a place the students would like to learn. I believe Rory and I can make an enormous difference. I am very excited to see where this year will take us and I look forward to making this school a better place for all the students to enjoy.


Hello, my name is Rory and I am in year 13, I currently study A-Level Maths, Biology and Psychology. As I have progressed through Stanground since year 7, it has been amazing to watch the school improve and develop the various facilities we have here. Furthermore, being in a position now where I can influence how some of the school functions is an honour. Not only just to benefit individuals that are in the same position I was in, but to directly improve school life for younger family members that I have within the school is what motivates me. Mainly my goal as head student is to appease the student body in their suggestions, but also to instigate healthier choices for students by integrating sport and fitness into school life more effectively.