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Stanground Academy

Head Students

We are Kayleigh Archer and Megan Bedford, the Head Students of the Stanground Academy.

Within our role, we represent the Academy and promote the student voice. This is important to us, because we want to ensure that our school continues to be the safe and supportive environment that we all deserve. In order to do this, we work alongside our deputies, prefects and the school council. The student leadership team take an active role in representing the Academy both during everyday school life and within our community.  

Throughout the school year, we will be working on two main projects – charity work and anti-bullying. We feel passionate about both of these causes and look forward to leading various activities to raise awareness for them.

As an Academy, we raise money for a variety of mainstream charities throughout the year where both students and staff are all actively involved. However, we want to increase the profile of smaller, more local charities, by implementing regular fundraising events for the whole school to take part in. We will discuss ideas for these in our meetings with the school council and prefects, to encourage students to make a difference within our community. We want our charity events to be successful and we hope that this will encourage students to continue them in the future.

Anti-bullying is also a vital scheme within our school, but we want to make sure that it isn’t just restricted to anti-bullying week in November. We will encourage students to consider what bullying actually is and what they can do to help prevent it. We want our school to be a place where every student feels safe, but to do this we need input from everyone, including staff and parents. By raising awareness of how to deal with bullying and its effects, we hope to ensure that Stanground continues to be a secure, respectful and positive school that every student enjoys coming to.

We would like to thank you for your continued support to make our school a better place and we hope our achievements make this year successful.