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Stanground Academy

Our Academy

Our motto ‘Happy, Successful & Confident’ is echoed within our Belief, which underpins everything that we do.

Our ‘STARS’ values of (Safe, Teachable, Aspirational, Resilient, Sociable) are our guiding principles and personal attributes to which we aspire and aim to engender.

Our three ‘ACE’ learning realms (Academic, Culture, Experience) are where we ‘operate’, and deliver our curriculum.

Our values underpin everything that we do.

We believe that if we encourage and instil these core values in our young people during their time with us, then we will be adequately preparing them for the next stage in their learning journey and later life. 

Equally, we appreciate that by promoting STARS within our wider community it will help us to embed the positive and forward thinking culture, which we strive for.

We hope to shape our students into citizens of the future who are impressive and employable by helping them to be:

‘Happy, Successful and Confident’


Mr Van Lier