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Support Your Child's Future: Parental Career Tools

The decisions young people make from an early stage at school can have a big impact on their future career choices and happiness. As parents and carers, you have a vital role to play in this career journey. There are lots of helpful guides designed to provide information about how you, as parents and carers, can help support your son or daughter with these important choices. Please also refer to the useful website tab for additional links.


Gatsby campaign to support parents with career guidance launches ...

Empowering Your Child's Future with Talking Futures

At Stanground Academy, we believe in the crucial role parents and carers play in shaping their children's success. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Talking Futures – an online platform designed to support you in guiding your child's career journey.

What is Talking Futures?

Talking Futures is a dedicated online platform providing comprehensive career guidance and support for young people across the UK. It offers resources and tools to help parents and carers facilitate meaningful conversations about their child's future aspirations.

How Can Talking Futures Support You?
  • Explore Career Options: Gain insights into various industries and professions to guide your child's career exploration.
  • Navigate Educational Paths: Simplify educational choices with information on university degrees, apprenticeships, and more.
  • Access Resources: Utilise career quizzes, advice articles, and job profiles to aid decision-making.
  • Develop Skills: Find tips to enhance essential skills like communication and problem-solving for future success.


Check out Talking Futures' video below about options after 16!


Parents play a vital role in shaping their children's career aspirations. Even if you don't fully grasp the intricacies of your child's chosen path, your support is invaluable in helping them succeed.

Learn from the experiences of parents who guided their children to success, including those of Olympic swimmer Becky Adlington, JLS band member JB Gill, and barrister Alexandra Wilson. Their stories highlight the importance of parental support in achieving career goals.