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Stanground Academy

Technology to Support Home Learning

Updated 12 January 2021

We know (from personal experience) how difficult supporting your children with home learning was during the first lockdown. We really hope that our full timetable of online provision this time has improved things for you at home and, most importantly, means your children will not fall behind with their learning.

However, we also understand that it relies on the technology and Internet connection you have available and we are really keen to better understand that situation for our community.

We were fortunate to be gifted some Dfe laptops last year and have now sent us somewhere in the region of 117 laptops to loan out (the final batch will start to go out to pupils next week). The DfE have also announced ways we can request you support with connectivity if it is required.

To help us prioritise who gets laptops, support the provision of data and understand the situation for our school community, I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to complete a short survey. We are asking that you do this whether you have had problems with devices or connections or not and whether you have had a device from us already or not.

The survey can be started by clicking on this link: Student Access Audit