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Stanground Academy

Year 9 Pathways Options

In the spring term of Year 9, students are invited to choose their options subjects to study throughout Years 10 and 11. We offer a broad range of subjects providing either a GCSE or vocational delivery and assessment.

The start of the new term begins our schedule of activities to help prepare all Year 9 students to make informed options. These choices will be the first step towards their career pathway, and the aim of this program is to help students understand what opportunities are available to them for future employment.

In addition, we hope this experience will encourage students to be aspirational in their career choices and ambitious in their next steps in life.  

Below is an overview of the variety of activities that take place over the spring term. You will also find our Year 9 Options Pathways booklet and the Options Journey Newsletter.

Tutor Time 

Curriculum leaders deliver weekly presentations that inform students of the variety of possible careers linked to their subjects/courses.

There are also sessions focusing on careers and options pathways using our careers platform called UniFrog. All Year 9 students will receive a personal login to build their career profile.   

This platform will be used throughout their Key Stage 4 and 5 journey while at Stanground Academy. 


Career focus assemblies led by our Director of Ambition, Head of Year, Stanground alumni, Senior Leader for Curriculum and external careers lead from NEACO. Each assembly will help to inspire, support and guide students through understanding their career pathway. 

Aim A Little Higher presentation


During an extended tutorial session, all year 9 students attend a keynote presentation led by ‘Aim a Little Higher’. This is a motivational company who help to inspire students to be ambitious and secure a student’s self-belief to achieve their full potential. 
Careers Fair 


A range of local companies, colleges and universities attend our specially crafted careers fair organised by our Director of Ambition. Year 9 students have an allocated time to visit our careers fair to speak with the invited representatives about the opportunities available to them in our local community and wider neighbouring towns/cities.  
Careers Taster sessions 


The range of option subjects available to study at Key Stage 4 extends beyond our core Key Stage 3 curriculum. During this week, students are given the opportunity to ‘taste’ the nature of these new subjects. Students will experience what it is like to study these new subjects and are able to ask the teacher questions about the course and the nature of assessment.  
Options Fair (with core subject parents evening)


A uniquely designed evening where parents/guardians are invited to attend an Options Fair with their child. This evening opens with a formal presentation led by the Senior Leader for Curriculum introducing the options subject selection process.  

You and your child will receive their latest Progress Check report. Using this information, families attend the options fair where each subject lead hosts a stand providing the opportunity for parents to meet subject teachers to learn about the course content and assessment. You will be able to engage in purposeful conversations with your child’s class teacher about the option subjects which are of interest based on preference and the latest academic success.  

In addition, there is a parents' evening drop-in service with your child’s English, maths and science teacher. In these meetings you will learn about the progress being made in their core subjects, your child’s knowledge gaps and their next steps ready to embark on the Key Stage 4 learning journey.   

Options subjects are chosen 


Over the half term, all Year 9 students make their option choices through an online link to an MS-Form. The deadline for the completion of the MS-Form and submit option choices is the 1 March 2024.  We strongly recommend this is a process completed with both the parent and the child together, based on the ‘Option Journey’ experience and advice from your child’s teachers. 


This ‘options journey’ is designed to support and encourage your child to embrace the new possibilities that await them as they embark on their first steps to their future career.

We believe every child has the opportunity to flourish in their chosen career pathway, and together we will help them throughout this process.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the Year 9 Options Support link below: